Who We Are

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ARTS for Wellbeing will bring together a community of creatives from across Moray to offer workshops and other events to those who are living with mental health challenges, recovering from trauma or dealing with addiction.




Workshops will be partly or fully funded through ARTS for Wellbeing, who are applying for funding from both public bodies and private trusts and companies.  Many of those struggling in life due to mental health issues may have lost employment due their condition, so making events and workshops accessible financially is extremely important.


It is envisaged that, with funding, workshops could be offered across the arts (including but not limited to visual arts, dance, drama, music, film, and photography). Various studies and research have shown that participating in arts activities has a positive effect on mental wellbeing, not just through learning new creative and expressive skills, but through reducing isolation.



ARTS for Wellbeing was set up in October 2018 by Vivien Hendry.  The idea came from the Moray Feelgood Festival/SMHAF 2017.  Both after the events and in feedback forms, participants and audience members asked over and again why events like these couldn’t go on in Moray all year round, so this this is where the idea came from.


Workshops & Activities

At ARTS for Wellbeing, we are dedicated to helping people recover from trauma, addiction, and mental health challenges. It has been shown in many studies that participation in activities such as these is greatly beneficial to people's mental health and wellbeing.

We are striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support.


Improving Wellbeing through the Arts